$2M lottery winner from Tennessee: 'I'm still a redneck'
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$2M lottery winner from Tennessee: 'I'm still a redneck'

DYERSBURG, Tenn. — A Tennessee man who won $2 million on a scratch-off lottery ticket says the money won’t change him.

Dyersburg resident Timothy Seratt told WREG-TV that “I might have a lot of money, but I’m still a redneck.”

Seratt says he’s lived paycheque-to-paycheque his whole life, that he’s never flown in a plane and never travelled farther north than Kentucky.

While he doesn’t have plans for some of the $1.3 million he’ll take home after taxes, he still plans to work.

Seratt said his immediate plans are to pay off his house and his mom’s house and take his two kids to Disney World. He’d also like to fly to Los Angeles to watch the Dodgers play baseball, but says he’ll look to invest much of the money.

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