ELN negotiator denies advance knowledge of Colombia attack
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ELN negotiator denies advance knowledge of Colombia attack

HAVANA — The head negotiator for Colombia’s National Liberation Army is denying advance knowledge of an attack on a police academy last week and demanding that Colombia’s government allow negotiators to return safely from Cuba.

Pablo Beltran, the head negotiator for the group known by its Spanish initials ELN, says his team was unaware that the rebel group was planning the attack that killed 21 people at the Bogota academy on Thursday.

He called on Colombia to follow a pre-agreed protocol and allow negotiators 15 days to return safely to their jungle camps in the South American nation.

“We weren’t involved,” Beltran told Telesur, a network run by Cuba, Venezuela and other leftist Latin governments. “We are going to insist, until the final day, that the government provides guarantees for our return.”

The Associated Press

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