Countries detail plans after adopting UN migration accord
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Countries detail plans after adopting UN migration accord

MARRAKECH, Morocco — Delegates to a U.N. conference are laying out commitments to fight people trafficking and boost economic opportunities in the wake of pledging to co-operate on safe, orderly and humane migration.

Day two of the meeting in Marrakech, Morocco, on Tuesday comes a day after 164 countries adopted by acclamation the Global Compact on Migration, but with the notable absence of some countries including the United States.

High-level government envoys including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who attended Monday, have been at pains to dispel what they say is false information circulating about the nonbinding pact — such as claims it would force governments to accept migrants.

Proponents say the accord above all aims to monitor people flows, organize co-operation between states on managing human movements and prevent disorderly migration that threatens many lives.

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