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Apple unveils much-anticipated iPad tablet-style computer

Apple C-E-O Steve Jobs has unveiled the iPad, a tablet-style computer that resembles the iPhone, but larger.

Jobs says the iPad is much more intimate than a laptop and much more capable than a smartphone.

He unveiled the highly anticipated device Wednesday in front of a cheering crowd in San Francisco.

Jobs demonstrated how the iPad is used for surfing the Web with
Apple’s Safari browser.

He typed an email using an on-screen keyboard and flipped through photo albums by flicking his finger across the screen.

The CEO says the iPad will also be better for reading books, playing games and watching video than either a laptop or a smartphone.

“What should we price it at? We’re going to price it under $1,000 which is code for $999,” says Jobs.

“We had a very aggressive price goal because we want to put this in the hands of a lot of people. I am thrilled to announce to you that the iPad pricing is not $999 but $499.”

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