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Two weeks since Haitian quake, death toll into the hundreds of thousands

It’s been exactly two weeks since a 7.0-magnitude earthquake devastated Haiti.

The numbers are staggering — more than 110,000 bodies in mass graves, and thousands of people still missing.

Twenty-one Canadians are confirmed dead.

One-million Haitians are now homeless and setting up tent cities across empty lots and parks.

Haiti’s president is asking the world for donations of thousands of tents to house the homeless.

At a one-day international conference in Montreal, Que. Monday, foreign ministers from more than a dozen countries made a decade long commitment to help Haiti rebuild.

However, no money was allocated to get shovels into the ground. That’s expected to come during a second meeting hosted by the United Nations to be held in New York in March.

Both Canada and the U.S. want the money carefully tracked so it’s not squandered or stolen.

Hundreds of thousands of people continue to camp out in Haiti’s capital, among an estimated one million people left homeless by the January 12 earthquake.  

Lt. Gen. Ken Keen, the head of the US relief effort, says even with all the turmoil, Port-au-Prince is relatively calm.

“I attribute the lack of violence to the great resilience of the Haitian people, their patience and understanding that the world is coming to help them,” says Keen. 

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