The Rick Howe Show

The Rick Howe Show

The Rick Howe Show – Friday, November 15, 2019

9 a.m.

Anthony LeBlanc is with Schooner Sports and Entertainment. An amended proposal for a stadium in Halifax has been submitted by LeBlanc. What are the changes? Then, Sam Austin is the District 5 city councillor for Dartmouth Centre. He brought forward a motion recently to see if the city should simply stop engaging with the stadium proposal. What does he make of the recent changes to SSEA’s  proposal? After that, Dr Ralph Hawkins is one of the leading voices on the treatment of lyme disease in the country. And he’ll be in Bridgewater this weekend for a Lyme conference. And Scott Pyke is the founder of the Nova Scotia Adoptee Advocacy Group. We wants the province to open adoption records, so that the province is in line with the rest of the country.

10 a.m.

Dr Donald Abelson is a political scientist with St. FX. He helps us navigate the impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump. Then, Teresa MacInnes is a filmmaker who documented seals on Sable Island. Her documentary Seals of Sable airs at 9 p.m. tonight. After that, it’s time for the Friday Face-Off: Todd vs Rick. No, they’re not swapping faces. They’re going into the ring to debate the hot topics of the week, and only one will be declared victorious.

11 a.m.

Time for the Friday Free for All – where anything goes!

12 p.m.

Cecil Wright joins Rick to talk about the week in sports. Plus, Bobby Orr says the firing of Don Cherry was “disgraceful”. And finally, Bruce Nunn joins the show for a Nova Scotia History lesson

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