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The Rick Howe Show –  Friday, November 16, 2018

9 a.m
We kick off the show this morning with health care blogger Allan Lynch who joins us to talk about the investigation by Nova Scotia’s privacy commission on healthcare workers who have been caught snooping into personal medical records. Halifax Regional City Councillor Matt Whitman joins us to discuss the potential tax hike that could take effect next year. Crosswalk safety advocate Norm Collins joins us to discuss crosswalk safety and the recent increase in pedestrian injuries. And to finish off the hour, Chair of Advocates for the Care of the Elderly Gary McLeod joins us to discuss Long Term Care in the province.

10 a.m.
RCMP Corporal Jennifer Clarke joins us to discuss a scam taking place in the Annapolis Valley where school age girls are being hacked and extorted. Author and Education Commentator Paul Bennett joins us to discuss School Bus Services in the Halifax region. To finish off the hour, News 95.7’s Mark Hodgins and Katie Hartai are in for another edition of Week in Review, when we talk about the biggest stories of the week.

11 a.m.
We open up the phones lines this hour to hear what you have to say.

12 p.m.
No Harbour for War Anti-War activist Allan Bezanson joins us to discuss why he is protesting the Halifax International Security Forum, and our sports fan Cecil Wright wraps us this Friday taking a look at this week in sports.

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