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Arbor Plant Health Care


5560 Nova Scotia Trunk 2, Grand Lake, B2T 1B3, CA


Ensure safety of employees and client first.

COVID Policy:

1. All Arbor PHC employees are able to choose to stay home to minimize
potential exposure to the Covid-19 virus.
2. Social distancing is to be practiced at all times as mandated by both
the provincial and federal governments. A minimum of 6ft apart is to be kept at all times. If this cannot be done the job will be shut down.
3. The maximum number of people on a job site is to be no more than 5.
4. There will be only one person in a vehicle. The driver only. As
much as possible, the same employee will drive the same vehicle each day.
5. Vehicles will be sanitized using Spay 9 at the start and end of every
day. The rags/cloths will be thrown out after a single use.
6. Office door handles to be sanitized each day using Spray 9. The
rags/cloths will be thrown out after a single use.
7. Number of people in the office to be limited to 2 people at a time
and 3 people in the shop.
8. Cheques or cash will not be accepted. Clients are to be instructed to
mail cheques in or call Harry in the office to pay via e-transfer or credit card.
9. During sales visits, all quotes and materials are to be emailed to
potential client.