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AUS announces new concussion strategy

AUS Football Chair Phil Currie announced the organization’s new strategy for combating concussions this season at the organization’s annual media day today.

“Obviously the concussion issue is stil a focus with all sporting organizations across the globe,” he said. “And we, as the Aus are taking proactive steps to protect our student athletes even further.”

Currie said the organization is looking to raise awareness among players about the symptoms of concussions, and the lasting effects they can have on their health.

“We want to make it real easy for them, and provide them with information to help them deal with reporting and identifying medical symptoms related to concussion,” he said.

The plan involves a video currently in production, and a poster campaign that will follow.

Currie also announced that CIS will be adopting a rule from the NFL that protects “defenseless players” from being blindsided on the field.

“Concussion doesn’t only come from a hit to the head,” he said. “It also comes from that contact — vicious contact to the body — when someone’s not expecting it, and can’t protect themselves.”

Currie said he hopes this new strategy will reduce student athlete injuries, and said these kinds of rules will be passed in sports like hockey and rugby as well.

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