The Sheldon MacLeod Show

The Sheldon MacLeod Show

From the Premier one segment, to the Polaris Prize winner the next – you never know who’s going to be on The Sheldon MacLeod Show.

Boasting the most daily guests of any show in Metro, the SMS is a mix of the news-makers of the day, with features: like musical artists, directors, writers, and more!

  • The Sheldon MacLeod show airs Monday-Friday from 12:30-3:30 pm
  • Want to weigh in? The Hour of Openness is every Thursday from 2-3 pm.
  • Call 902-405-6000 or toll free 1-877-801-8255



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Sheldon MacLeod – Host
Phone: 902-493-7128

A seasoned broadcast reporter and news anchor, Sheldon has worked in markets across the country in his 20-years in the radio industry. He is a volunteer deputy fire chief, a former SAC member, a re-enactor, a passionate home cook and is proud to call Nova Scotia home. He’s a Beatles man, not Elvis. And is definitely a dog man, not a cat person. Each weekday afternoon from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., Sheldon’s special brand of talk radio offers NEWS 95.7’s listeners a daily adventure and a compelling afternoon drive home. Get news, opinion, lifestyle and more on The Sheldon MacLeod Show and find out what’s right and what could be better in our great city of Halifax.

Matt Brand – Producer