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'Tax on iPods' pondered by feds

There are battling opinions in Ottawa over a plan to tax your iPods.

The federal NDP says its idea would help make sure musicians get paid in the face of online file-sharing.

Consumers already pay a levy on blank CDs and audio tapes. The new plan would extend that levy to MP3 players with the money going to musicians.

“Copyright holders need to be compensated for their work,” says Scott Long with Music Nova Scotia, “just as you need to be compensated for what you do.”

Long says he’d like to see an amount that is fair to both his members and the fans.

“It is about the balance,” says Long.  “We don’t want to punish the fans with unreasonable taxes and levies and user fees.”

Online, many consumers are shouting down the idea. Meanwhile, the federal government says it’s against a “tax on iPods”, so the idea would need the support of all three opposition parties to become reality.

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