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Mike Danton says he still loves hockey but school is the focus

Mike Danton spoke to reporters Thursday, for the first time since news broke that the ex-NHLer wanted to play for Saint Mary’s University.

“In order for me to be successful at hockey, I need to be successful at school, I am not allowed to play hockey if I don’t succeed at school,” says Danton.

Twenty-nine-year-old Danton says everyone deserves a second chance, and he wants to leave his past behind. He says do that he needs to get an education, which is why he’s now attending university.

Danton is out on parole after serving over five years of a seven-year sentence in a murder of hire plot. Danton says he still loves hockey, and still dreams of playing pro, but he says he’s now serious about his education.

“I already got three strikes, so I can look at it from a selfish standpoint and say if I screw this up there is absolutely nothing else for me,” says Danton.  

Danton will play hockey for the university’s varsity hockey team, the Huskies, but he’s not sure when he’ll play his first game. He says he’s fitting in well so far in school, and earned 100 per cent on his first three tests.

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