NEWS957 teams up with to provide more news, more often.
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NEWS957 teams up with to provide more news, more often.

Today’s media landscape is changing and it’s important for NEWS957 to continue to grow, evolve and invest in our community. We want to go where our listeners are going and continue to provide reliable and relevant local news to the communities we serve.

NEWS957 is proud to announce a strategic partnership with to harness both the power of radio with the importance of a digital first philosophy to create a truly hyper local online news source Haligonians will trust. When you’re not in the car or listening to radio, we know you’re online looking for more on the story; will be your digital source for local news, entertainment, weather, classifieds, community events and obituaries. Leveraging the power and reach of the award-winning journalists at NEWS957 and a new team of local digital reporters, is now your online destination for everything Halifax 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

NEWS957 and are proud to serve the people of the HRM.

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