Local activist calls the Dome's dress code changes 'racist'
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Local activist calls the Dome's dress code changes 'racist'

The Dome night club in Downtown Halifax. (thedome.ca)

HALIFAX – Questions are swirling around the Dome’s decision to enforce a dress code, as one local activist calls the move racist.

Former Poet Laureate El Jones is confidently calling the Dome’s dress code changes racist, as the club is banning certain styles of clothing, including durags, jerseys, white sneakers.

Jones told NEWS 95.7 a lot of the styles included are intertwined with black and hip-hop culture.

“Why aren’t cowboys hat on the list? Durags are but cowboy hats are not and polo shirts that white supremacists like to wear are not on the list,” said Jones.

Jones also pointing out that much of the music played at the Dome is from black culture.

“So people want the style of blackness but then the actual people that are black are unacceptable and that’s a common thing.”

The Dome has said the only motive behind the dress code is to improve the class of it’s club.

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