Shag Harbour kicks off UFO festival, celebrating 50 years since sightings
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Shag Harbour kicks off UFO festival, celebrating 50 years since sightings

Laurie Wickens, president of the Shag Harbour Incident Society, is seen in Shag Harbour, N.S. on Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017. On the night of October 4, 1967, Wickens and four of his friends spotted a large object descending into the waters off the harbour. The object was never officially identified, and was therefore referred to as an unidentified flying object. The 50th anniversary of the event is being marked with a three-day festival. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Andrew Vaughan

HALIFAX – This year’s Shag Harbour UFO Incident festival kicks off Friday to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the puzzling story.

On Oct. 4, 1967, multiple people witnessed a mysterious object crashing into Shag Harbour – but nothing was ever found.


Paul Kimball has a taste for the paranormal.

His documentary TV series “Haunted” will premiere next month, and he’ll be speaking at the UFO festival this weekend.

He tells NEWS 95.7 that given the individual and matching reports, the Shag Harbour incident is pretty interesting, as far as UFO sightings go.

“Even in the law, that’s what we would have called a pretty good case,” said Kimball. “So that makes it a better story or better case than your average UFO story.”

On Sunday, Kimball will be talking about various theories about what UFO’s could be.

Other events include stargazing, eyewitness accounts, and an alien abduction discussion panel.

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