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Dalhousie researchers look south to develop Halifax evacuation models

(Meghan Groff/NEWS 95.7)

HALIFAX – As the world continue to look over the damage left behind by hurricanes Harvey and Irma, researchers in Halifax are watching to develop better evacuation models for our region.

But Halifax may encounter some challenges if ever faced with a similar situation.

A team of researchers at Dalhousie University have been working for the last two years on mass evacuation models in our region.

Dr. Ahsan Habib is a transportation professor at Dalhousie, and says he, along with his colleagues, is watching Florida in particular to help assist with their own research.

He tells NEWS 95.7 HRM is facing a number of geographical challenges.

“We have only four or five entry or exit points we call choke points,” he said, speaking of the penninsula. “So to evacuate, particularly in the commuting peak period, would be difficult.”

As it stands, Habib says it would take roughly 15 hours for Haligonians to evacuate the peninsula, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Habib anticipates the project will be completed in three years, and says he’s confident they will have a better understanding of ways to evacuate Halifax in an efficient manner.

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