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Parking ticket complaints reach City Hall

Halifax City Hall (Meghan Groff/NEWS 95.7)

After 17 tickets were issued for a little know parking violation, City Hall is getting involved.

The tickets were issued in Dartmouth to drivers who failed to turn their wheel to the curb while parked on a hill on Portland Street.

District 5 Councillor, Sam Austin, has now asked city staff for a review on parking.

He told News 95.7 the issuance of the tickets may have been overzealous.

“We write tickets to ensure there is turnover of parking and to avoid any safety issues,” said Ausin.

“On Portland street there is a grade there but it is very minor, and we live in an age where almost all cars are automatic, and we have safety inspections.”

Austin said a warning would likely have gotten the message across but added that because technically the law was broken it would likely be difficult to recall the issued tickets.

Austin said he is asking for more clarification moving forward.

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