Relationship with Ottawa impacts provincial votes: professor
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Relationship with Ottawa impacts provincial votes: professor

Last Updated May 8, 2017 at 5:49 am ADT


HALIFAX – With election campaigns well underway, many Nova Scotians are getting ready to hit the polls later this month, and according to one political scientist, the provincial government’s relationship with Ottawa may play a big factor in how people vote.

The election is a little over three weeks away, and some people still may be trying to figure out who they’re going to vote for.

That’s normal according to Don Desserud, who teaches political science at UPEI.

He tells NEWS 95.7 it’s not uncommon for people to vote according to trends.

“Around now is when they start to look differently because we’ve got a federal government in Ottawa that’s liberal, provincial governments are liberal and that’s when people start looking for a change,” said Desserud.”

Desserud says people often take the federal government into account when voting provincially, as they hope to have a premier who can stand their ground and work well with Ottawa.

He also says parties often use Ottawa as a scapegoat to deflect people away from noticing their own faults.

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