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'Stay off the ice': Halifax Regional Search and Rescue

Last Updated Jan 7, 2016 at 6:20 am ADT


HALIFAX – Recent cold temperatures means ice has started to form on some area lakes and waterways but the Halifax Regional Search and Rescue team is warning would-be explorers it’s far too early for people to test the thickness of ice for skating and other winter activities.

A few cold days early in the week meant ice has begun to form on small ponds and in the coves of bigger lakes of the Halifax-area, but it’s best to stay away.

Regional Search and Rescue spokesperson Tony Rodgers tells News 95.7 they’re trying to get the message out to parents to discuss ice safety with their children.

“There isn’t enough in Halifax Regional Municipality right now to safely be on,” Rodgers said, referring to ice cover.

“It’s something that’s so preventable and we just want parents to say ‘please stay off the ice, let me go with you and we’ll test it, let’s check with the city and see what they say.'”

He said the Municipality updates it’s website on ice conditions on a regular basis, which residents can check here.

Rodgers said a better idea to get your skating in at the Emera Oval which opened just before Christmas.

“That’s where we would like people to go until we get at least six to eight inches of ice on those lakes,” Rodgers said.

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