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More wintry weather on the way

After a dusting of snow on New Year’s Day caused accidents on the roads of Halifax, another storm is on the way.

Starting Sunday morning, meteorologist Richard Zurawski says we’ll be getting a wintry mix that is sure to have tires spinning.

“We’re gonna be getting a mixture of ice pellets, freezing rain, rain, that kind of thing,” he said. “And as the temperature rises, it’ll all switch over to rain.”

The temperature is set to rise to 3 or 4 degrees by midday Sunday, meaning that on top of about 15 cm of snow and ice pellets we’ll get about 15 mm of rain. And the rain is going to continue throughout Sunday night.

“We’re looking at about an equal mix of rain and snow,” said Zurawski.

“So it’s gonna be very slushy and very slipper Monday morning.”

Zurawski says that slushy mixture will be melting as temperatures continue to rise to about 8 degrees on Monday, but just how fast it will melt depends on how much snow actually falls.

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