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Mooseheads' DND Appreciation Night an 'important game'

The Mooseheads will host their 11th annual DND Appreciation Night Friday, and Brian Urquhart, the team’s vice president of business operations, says recent events in Ottawa and Quebec give the game some extra meaning.

“The tragic events that happened a couple weeks ago serve as a reminder for a game like this, and why it’s so important for our organization and our fans to say thanks,” Urquhart said.

Mike Bonin with Canadian Forces Base Halifax says this event means something to Canadian Forces every year, and he wants to place the emphasis on the milestone being celebrated.

“This is something that the Mooseheads have done for us on an annual basis,” said Bonin.

“Of course there will be something in the backs of our minds, but we’re there to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the submarine service in Canada.”

For the seventh year, the Herd will rock some different threads to commemorate the milestone.

Twenty of the specially-designed jerseys will be raffled off during the game, and three more will be sold in an online auction.

All the proceeds will go to the QEII Foundation – Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Garden.

The DND Appreciation games in the last 10 years have raised almost $81,000.

Urquhart says it’s all about saying thanks to Canadian Forces.

“Everyone seems to know someone, or has a family member that works with Canadian Forces,” he said.

“It’s a pretty important game.”

Urquhart says the night is always a big hit with fans, and this year almost 1000 Canadian Forces members are expect to come out to the game.

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