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Pedestrian collisions up in September over 2013

Police say there were 22 vehicle-pedestrian collisions in Halifax last month.

Eighteen of them were in Halifax Regional Police jurisdiction, with the other four occurring in RCMP territory.

Both of those numbers are increases over September 2013, when there were 15 vehicle-pedestrian collisions: 12 in HRP jurisdiction and three in RCMP territory.

Police say the majority of these collisions occur in crosswalks.

From January to September of 2013, 60 per cent of vehicle-pedestrian collisions occurred in sidewalks; in the same period this year, the number was 64 per cent.

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How many of those pedestrians were wearing dark clothing, walking at night, didn’t look both ways, didn’t bother to push the crosswalk button (if available), or either had earbuds in, or were talking/texting on their cell phones?

October 08, 2014 at 11:14 am