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Dartmouth widow honored by Afghanistan memorial

A Dartmouth widow says it’s time for Canadians to remember those who put their life on the line in Afghanistan.

A memorial dedicated to fallen Canadian soldiers will make it’s way through 16 different cities and military bases.

Etched on the memorial is Priscilla Blake’s late husband Petty Officer 2nd Class Craig Blake who was killed. Blake had only been about 45 minutes outside Kandahar, Afghanistan three years ago when an explosive device detonated.

This memorial serves as a reminder to Canadians that these soldiers gave it their all, said Priscilla.

“For the families, we think of these guys every day. It’s like losing anyone in your family, or your husband, or your father and you mourn them every day and you think about them every day,” said Priscilla.

“It pays tribute to them and we feel honoured that they did this and that they’re not forgotten and people still remember them besides us, because we obviously don’t forget.”

The memorial is being temporarily housed on inside Parliament’s Hall of Honour in Ottawa.

The memorial will be open to the public throughout the summer and through to Remembrance Day where it will begin its journey across the country.


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