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Spike in interest for earthquake preparedness seminars

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Vancouver says interest in its earthquake preparedness seminars has peaked since the big quake near Haida Gwaii on the weekend.

Jackie Kloosterboer with the city’s emergency program says the three public meetings are unique to our region.

“We really focus on what you would do if you live in an apartment or if you work in a building downtown. If you live in an apartment, [where to store] your kits. Again, it’s how to make your home safe,” explains Kloosterboer.

And because people refused to evacuate without their pets during Hurricane Katrina, one of the seminars focuses on earthquake preparedness for you as well as your pet.

“We don’t want that to happen here. So this session, it covers off what you need to get in place for your dogs or your cats, what you do if you’re evacuated to take your pets with you.”

The first workshop “Earthquake Preparedness Be Prepared, Not Scared” will be held tomorrow at the Kitsilano Community Centre.

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