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RCMP shut down street hockey in Prospect

Another neighbourhood game of shinny has been shut down.

RCMP visited Olivia Lane in Prospect on the weekend and told residents that a neighbour had complained about kids playing ball hockey in the street.

Four of about six families who live on the quiet cul-de-sac are angry about the complaint. Rod MacDonald tells the Herald the kids aren’t allowed to play in the nearby brush because of coyote sightings – and if they can’t play in the street, they have nowhere to go.

He says it’s unfair that one person can have sway over an entire street.

A similar incident in Enfield sparked a major public backlash last spring.

Transportation minister Bill Estabrooks says he can’t believe the issue is back, calling it a waste of police time.

He says as minister of transportation, he’s very worried about the safety of kids and says he’d rather have them playing hockey on a quiet cul de sac than out in the woods “having a toke.”  

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