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Haitian earthquake can't drive away Yarmouth woman

A Nova Scotia woman who runs an orphanage in Haiti says she can’t leave her children.

Karen Huxter of Yarmouth says Haiti is home now, but she says getting the country back to normal after this month’s earthquake is going to be a long and arduous task.

Huxter has been living in Haiti about 15 years now. She runs a small orphanage about three hours outside of Port-au-Prince and while there was less destruction there than in the country’s capital city, there was still quite a bit of damage.

“We had a lot of damage at our school. One of my children’s homes has to come down completely. It’s too dangerous it needs to be redone,” she said. “The water tower on top of the house swayed back and forth on three different occasions with the quake and after shocks.”

She says their house is not yet safe, so everyone is still sleeping out in the yard.

Across Haiti, but especially in Port-au-Prince she says the situation is still pretty bad.

“There’s still a lot of suffering, a lot of pain,” she said. “Supplies are very limited, prices have doubled, or tripled, or quadrupled in some cases.”

Huxter says people can help her rebuild by donating money through the Hands Across the Sea organization in Yarmouth.

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