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Former Eastern Passage MLA supports building new high school

Last Updated Dec 2, 2016 at 1:56 pm ADT

A file photo of the Nova Scotia Legislature. (NEWS 95.7)

HALIFAX – A former Eastern Passage MLA is a staunch supporter of the building of a high school for that community, despite the Nova Scotia Auditor General’s comments this week that a new school isn’t needed in the area.

Kevin Deveaux tells NEWS 95.7 the community of Eastern Passage is growing and show have its own school.

“I was advocating for a long time because this is a growing community, a community where the population now warrants its own high school,” said Deveaux.

Deveaux said the job of Auditor General Michael Pickup is to find value for money and says he believe the building of a high school in Eastern Passage is of value.

“Is the building of a high school here value for money for the taxpayers? I believe it is.”

Deveaux said whether or not there is specific evidence in the Department of Education is due to the record-keeping of the department.

According to Deveaux, 60 per cent of students at Cole Harbour High School are currently bussed in from Eastern Passage. He says numbers from the Halifax Regional School Board provided last year indicate that by 2024, grades 9 to 12 would total 750 students in Eastern Passage and he says that’s enough for a high school.

As well, he says between 2000-2010, the school board had building a school in Eastern Passage “on the top of the list as a priority.”

“To say that politics is not part of the decision-making process is a bit naive on the part of the Auditor General,” said Deveaux.




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