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Piercey's customers undeterred by RONA takeover

Customers are giving a thumbs-up to news that local home retail chain Piercey has been taken over by national giant RONA.

Shoppers at the Piercey’s on Robie Street say they don’t care what the sign says in front of the building as long as they get good prices and good service.

Everyone says if those things remain the same there’s no reason they wouldn’t keep coming to the Rona-owned Piercey’s.

Adam, a contractor, says he enjoys quick service at Piercey’s and has a minor concern about differences between the two chains’ focus.

“I’ve always found that RONA is more geared towards the homeowner, but Piercey’s is seen to be more for the contractor,” he said. “But as long as the prices stay the same and they continue with contractor discounts, I don’t see why not.”

Brad says the Robie Street location offers convenience, regardless of who the owner is.

“It’s relatively close to downtown HRM, so we’re still going to come here, no matter who owns it,” he said.  

Chris MacDonald, a philosophy professor at Saint Mary’s University who specializes in business ethics, says the takeover should lead to more competition and better prices.

“The stores that were formerly Piercey’s stores now become part of a chain that can do bigger purchases from its suppliers and therefore can wrangle better prices,” he points out.

MacDonald says big company takeovers often raise eyebrows, but he says he sees nothing wrong with this acquisition.

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