Has TV reached the end of the ‘binge watch’ era?
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Has TV reached the end of the ‘binge watch’ era?

In today’s Big Story podcast, when Disney+ launched its newest Marvel show, Loki, this week, it came with a marketing campaign: “Wednesdays (when new episodes of Loki will be released) are the new Fridays (when Disney previously released new episodes of Marvel and Star Wars shows).” The campaign means that Disney is choosing not only to release new episodes weekly, rather than all at once, they are actively using the weekly release model as a selling point.

The past year has seen a departure from the practice of ‘bingable’ shows that began in 2013 with Netflix’s House of Cards. It’s not often that disruptors eventually reject their own premise and take on the tactics of the traditional businesses they’re trying to replace. But this appears to be one example of just that. We’ll go inside the rise and fall of the binge watch.

GUEST: Norm Wilner, Sr. Film Writer, NOW Magazine

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