Why are so many Canadians hungry?
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Why are so many Canadians hungry?

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Four million Canadians are facing some form of food insecurity. There are degrees, from the cliche of students stockpiling ramen noodles in advance to make sure they have enough to eat at the end of the month, to not being able to eat without relying on food banks or the charity of friends and family, to going hungry, because the choice is between feeding yourself or your children.

That’s more than one out of every 10 of us—so why don’t we talk about it? What do the various degrees of food insecurity look like and feel like to people who struggle with them? How did one of the richest countries on Earth end up unable to make sure every citizen has healthy food to eat? Right now, we turn to charities to help the hungry. Is there a better way?

GUEST: Raizel Robin, writer, investigative reporter, The Walrus

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