Carl the mako shark hanging out off Nova Scotia's coast
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Carl the mako shark hanging out off Nova Scotia's coast

Last Updated Sep 15, 2015 at 9:44 am ADT

Ocearch tracks Carl the mako shark's location on 10:09 p.m. September 14, 2015 (

Scientists are tracking Carl, the female mako shark who was named after the person who caught her.

Dalhousie University biology professor Dr. Boris Worm told NEWS 95.7 these sharks are known to travel long distances, a trend that is continuing with Carl.

“It was tagged just shy of two months ago, and in this time it has travelled 2,139 miles or about 3,500 kilometres,” he explained.

Worm said she was able to cover that much sea because the mako is the fastest travelling shark in the world.

“It can accelerate at a rate no other shark can,” he said. “It can cruise up to 50, 60, and in extreme spurts 70 kilometres an hour.”

Worm explained these sharks are no strangers to Nova Scotian waters, and can partially regulate their internal temperature.

“That makes it possible to come into relatively cool waters like ours, but they still like to stay on the warmer side if they can.”

As for whether Nova Scotians should be concerned about our visitor, Worm said makos rarely attack people, usually don’t travel in packs and tend to stick to deeper water.

According to Worm, other sharks known to travel in Atlantic waters include, blue sharks, porbeagle sharks and dog fish sharks.

Those wanting to track Carl’s location can check out at @MakoSharkCarl on Twitter or find her on the Ocearch website.

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