Human River Walk celebrates historic Sawmill River
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Human River Walk celebrates historic Sawmill River

The group crosses Ochterloney Street and heads into the park at Sullivan’s Pond during the Human River Walk Sunday in Dartmouth.

A group of people in Dartmouth are hoping they made a splash.

The group went on a “Human River Walk” to raise awareness of the Sawmill River.

Jocelyne Rankin is the freshwater coordinator with the Ecology Action Centre, she’s advocating for the daylighting of the river that once ran through downtown Dartmouth.

Rankin said the true cost of bringing the river back above ground isn’t really known.

“We are doing the research that we need to do, trying to access the information we believe is available that gives more information on the true cost of daylighting.

The idea of the walk was to create a river of people, with everyone dressed in blue, and carrying long blue flags.

Local artist Hannah Minzloff made a paper fish template which she handed out at local schools for kids to colour in, so they could bring them to the walk.

She wants the river daylit so fish can spawn the way they used to.

“Currently they can’t come to their old spawning grounds, which are this lovely series of lakes that connects the Shubenacadie Waterway system from the harbour all the way up to the Minas Basin,” she said.

Rankin said Mayor Mike Savage and Dartmouth Councillor Gloria McCluskey support daylighting, and she hopes the walk will get more people on board.

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So what would prevent another flood, which is why it was buried under ground in the first place?

April 20, 2015 at 1:41 pm