Province tables $10B budget
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Province tables $10B budget

Nova Scotia Finance Minister Diana Whalen announces a proposed 3-year wage freeze for MLAs on Tuesday, April 7, 2015.

The province is forecasting a deficit of $97.6 million for 2015-16 that largely holds the line on spending while revamping some departments and tax measures including a film tax credit.

Overall departmental spending is $8.9 billion, up a scant 0.7 per cent over last year, which is mainly due to public sector wage increases.

The budget maintains a $24 million annual film tax credit for this year but restructures it.

But the government says the credit will be reduced to $6 million next year, a move it concedes will make the province less competitive with most other jurisdictions.

The government has also issued 163 layoff notices due to a reorganization of departments including the elimination of the Department of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism.

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I wonder why Stephen MacNeil and his cronies expect the already overburdened taxpayer to tighten our belts. Those jackasses created the financial problems with their callous mismanagement of our money, yes our money! Their free spending of money we worked hard for. Every time the province runs into financial trouble it is the public who has to tighten our belts. How much tighter do you want them? Most of us can barely afford to make ends meet now and we are expected to pay out more for the mistakes of is high time the politicians tightened their belts..they created the monster, make them pay for it. give the people a break! Most of us work a lifetime for a small pension yet those pathetic idiots work a few years and are entitled to a huge pension ??For doing what, running an already have not province and its people into the ground even further??and then have the gall to tell us we must tighten our belts…enough is doesnt seem to matter who we elect in to office..none of them are any good..or honest..or really give a damn about the people..

April 09, 2015 at 1:56 pm

LOOK!!!!!!!! The problem is and always has been overpaid, under worked unionized government employees. STOP the annual pay increases. STANDUP to unions, let them strike until they lose their homes. They deserve nothing less for their unrelenting greed. START Hiring non-unionized people to do the same job where possible. START FIRING the dead wood, 90% of government unionized employees would fall under this category.

April 09, 2015 at 2:39 pm

    The IRVING’s have no problem holding unions to their agreement. When a unionized Irving employee is not performing adequately he/she is reprimanded by Irving management. WHY IS IT OUR GOVERNMENT CANNOT DO THE SAME. There is nothing the underpaid, overworked private sector want to hear more than unionized government employees being reprimanded or fired for their poor job performance. It would show the tax payer that the government CARES about our tax dollars. The message we get now is “take our many and give it to people who barely work for it”. I’ve worked in government for a number of years in various departments and they are all the same — 90% do not earn their pay check.

    April 09, 2015 at 2:48 pm