The Sheldon MacLeod Show - 2 pm
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The Sheldon MacLeod Show - 2 pm

Friday March 27, 2015

We discuss the Limitations of Actions Act with Bob Martin. We speak with a woman about getting her son back from the Department of Child Services. Adam Baldwin joins us in studio to tell us more about this weekend’s show for Remembering Jay Smith. We discuss the new Online Crime Reporting System with Superintendent Sean Auld.

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Listening to Peggy brought up all the pain from my families experience with community services. I too sought out help and was promised help for my son if we gave up legal custody. My son was very, very, nearly medicated to death. I did get my son back but we pretty much had to buy him back. My son had dead animals left in his bed and still, the social workers did their best to keep custody. As Peggy said, you can’t get to the Minister and these workers know it. There are many kids this very minute that are being abused in care of the MInister and even the office of the Ombudsman knows this and will not do anything about it. Many workers would rather serve up our children to that abuse than ever admit they made a mistake. Extemely sad that Department of Community SERVICES is a very lucrative businessthat employs hundreds of social workers and psychologists, at great expense to the tax payer, but rarely deliver the services that are needed.

March 28, 2015 at 4:48 pm