Provincial budget coming in two weeks
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Provincial budget coming in two weeks

Nova Scotia finance minister Diana Whalen delivers her pre-budget speech to the Halifax Chamber of Commerce on March 25, 2015.

The Nova Scotia spring budget will be delivered April 9.

Finance Minister Diana Whalen told the Halifax Chamber of Commerce today that the budget will reflect the results of a departmental review and address some of the recommendations in a report by former Ontario cabinet minister Laurel Broten on the province’s tax system.

“The up-coming budget will outline first steps in our response to the tax review report, and give a clear picture of our efforts to control spending,” she said Wednesday.

As part of the budget, Whalen says the government is reviewing Broten’s recommendation that many tax credits be reformed or eliminated.

Whalen revealed few specifics but did say the province will keep the tax credit for volunteer firefighters and not be taxing books.

“We haven’t thrown it out,” she said. “The only two things I’ve said we’re not doing were the two small taxes I referred to today, so every recommendation in the Broten report is being looked at.”

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Kent Harris

Any cuts to spending should first come right out of politicians salaries, benefits, and cushy pension plans. The rest should come from streamlining government, making it more efficient and less costly.

March 26, 2015 at 12:21 am