Article in The Coast questions use of solitary confinement
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Article in The Coast questions use of solitary confinement

An article in The Coast is calling into question the use of solitary confinement in Nova Scotia’s prisons.

City editor Jacob Boon called the practice ‘torture’.

“Humans are social creatures, and it’s a form of torture to take that away and to put someone in a tiny cell with the lights on 24-hours a day as they were until recently,” said Boon.  “It severely affects someone for the rest of their life.”

Boon told News 95.7 studies have shown the use of solitary confinement can have a permanent effect on a prisoners’ mental health.

“The depression, the anger, the psychological effect,” he said.  “It can have permanent psychological affect after 15-days.”

Boon got back a freedom of information request back that said solitary confinement had been used over 8,500 times since 2009 in Nova Scotia’s prisons, 34 prisoners were held for over 15-days.

Nova Scotia’s justice minister Lena Metlege Diab said solitary confinement is used for the safety of the individual involved, as well as staff and other prisoners.

“There’s policies in place at the facilities as to when and how they segregate people,” said Metlege Diab.

Metlege Diab added the practice is only implemented as a last resort.

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They are criminals who have been incarcerated due to their inability to conform to societal rules. Criminals are in jail to pay for their criminal activity or activities. I have heard through people who have gone to jail that it is easy time, pool tables, T.V. a gym etc. They have better conditions than some of the law abiding citizens. In a lot of cases these criminals want to go to jail due to the 3 squares a day and a nice warm place to sleep. Let’s stop this coddling of criminals and make jail an unpleasant place for them and maybe just maybe they won’t want to go back. As far as solitary confinement affecting the rest of their lives, ask the victims or the victims’ survivors how these poor confined criminals have affected their lives.

February 09, 2015 at 9:49 am

You bleeding hearts out there who think an end should be put to solitary confinement have no clue. Ask anyone working in the jail(s) just how dangerous it is and what goes on that the public doesn’t know about. Surely they would think differently then. I wonder what the opinion would be if it was a family member murdered or raped.

February 09, 2015 at 1:49 pm