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The Rick Howe Show - 12 PM

Friday January 30, 2015

Lawyer John Cardy gives us his reaction to the Nova Scotia Supreme Court’s decision to allow Trinity Western students to practice law in the province. We discuss the dropping Canadian dollar with St Francis Xavier University economics professor Dr. Greg Tkacz. Author Laurie Glenn Norris tells us about her book Haunted Girl that is being made into a movie. Education consultant Paul Bennett weighs in on Education Minister Karen Casey’s reaction to the provincial education report.

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Arleigh Robar

Just listen at an encore show of one of this week shows where you had Mr. Barrett on reference the new OH&S regulations. As a safety professional living in the province of Nova Scotia I was alarmed at some of the unfounded accusations being made by Mr. Barrett. Being a small business operator in this province each and every owner has an obligation to understand and implement the regulations to protect the workers. His lack of knowledge and comments where very alarming.

First the government has drafted these regulations with input from employee and employer reps along with technical advisors in the province. They are placed in draft legislation by legal and sent out to employers and various organization for review and feedback. There has been several public consultation meeting on the regulation in variety of location in the province. They are now at the stage of taking all this information and redrafting the draft so they can send it back out for another round of consultation.

It was extremely scary attending these meeting as employers are quite willing to place there employees at risk and do not want to change. Unlike Mr. Barrett’s comments these regulations are in place in other jurisdictions and working fine. Unlike Mr. Barrett statements, there are not at all huge changes to the regulations mainly house keeping issue to better clarify what is presently in the regulations. His mention of hearing protection, the regulations state today above 85 decibels you require hearing protection, the new regulations requires a employer have a hearing program that ensures this takes place.

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Arleigh Robar

February 01, 2015 at 3:30 pm