Halifax Remembrance Day ceremonies to see more security
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Halifax Remembrance Day ceremonies to see more security

Recent events in Quebec and Ottawa are sure to make this Remembrance Day a poignant one for Canadians, and it might come with some extra security as well.

Dalhousie University military analyst Ken Hansen says the recent attacks have had somewhat of an effect on Canadians.

“I think the public is feeling vulnerable, and it’s a good thing when they decide come together as a group to build a sense of security,” said Hansen.

With more people expected to be at cenotaphs in Halifax Tuesday, Regional Police will complement that sense of security with real security.

Const. Dianne Woodworth says the police presence at the cenotaph in downtown Halifax tomorrow will be larger than usual.

“In light of what’s happened, it seems to be the best route to take at this point,” said Woodworth.

She said rather than police wearing their dress uniforms, as they usually would for ceremonies, they’ll be wearing their day-to-day uniforms.

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chief wiggam

poppies are barely worn in toronto. then when they are it is mostly caucasian people who where them. the “other” people do not wear them. so that amounts to maybe 1 in 8 or 9 people.
toronto is terrible.
this country is going to be lost for sure. it already is in toronto.
air canada is terrible. for a company that is the national carrier you would think that air canada would insist that their employees wear the poppy.
terrible terrible terrible.
if you live in this country and make a living in/from this country go with the values of this country.
i am so sick of this not adapting to this great nation.

November 10, 2014 at 8:44 am

Well Chief Wiggam, you can blame Pierre Trudeau and his multi-culturalism policy for that. Unlike the USA that insist all immigrants assimilate, we say come, bring your language and culture and continue on in the ways of your old country, here in Canada. It’s not working.

November 10, 2014 at 11:53 am