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Friday August 1, 2014

We discuss the Waterville Airport with pilot and retired RCAF officer Ian Patrick. We disucss a recent rickshaw accident with rickshaw runner Dylan Sagar.  We review some of this week’s major news stories with  senior reporter at Metro Halifax Ruth Davenport and Global Halifax Evening News Anchor Ron Kronstien.

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Larry Bogan

Good Interview of Ian Patrick at the first of the show. Some people miss the point that the Kings County Council have never done a business case study to justify their assumptions of any real possibility of an expansion by Michelin. In fact they have only accepted the word of Michelin that they need the airport lands and no one has seen an actual layout and analysis of using that land versus other land that Michelin owns already. Yet without any justification at all they are willing to destroy an operating and successful airport with a paved runway.

The sad thing is that it can not be replaces and probably will not be. The council is trying to force the aviators to fly out of CFB Greenwood if the Waterville Airport closes even though there is no agreement with DND yet showing it is possible.

August 03, 2014 at 4:43 pm
Don Ledger

One of the greatest assets available to the elected official, particularly in Nova Scotia, is that they are not accountable to anyone other than their party for the first few years after an election. They know they can rely on the voters to forget issues in a matter of months.
It should be remembered that the nursery for MLAs is municipal and county councils around the province. The disastrous, self-serving decisions made by councillors such as we see in the County of Kings will be forgotten by not only the voters in Kings but across Nova Scotia who are being fed a load of garbage by their warden and the CAO about a done deal with Greenwood-which is a surprise to DND and the base commander at CFB, Greenwood. He must be scratching his head over the King’s councillors, and the Warden’s declaration that Waterville Airport will go to Greenwood when they have no say in that decision whatsoever. But that hasn’t stopped the Warden and the CAO from advertising that fact to their voters.
Anyone who looks at the procedures applied by the Warden at her meetings shudder at the manner in which the established Rules of Order such as those of Roberts and Bourinot which do not seem to apply to that body are abused. Last week for instance, Kings Councillors passed a couple of regulations while in open forum THEN asked for arguments either for the regulations or against them.??? If that doesn’t work then they go in camera where no one knows what the hell they are up to.
The real shame here is that the voters of Kings really do not know or appreciated what is going on. And they won’t know until it is too late. And then a few years later selected individuals will be running for the Nova Scotia Legislature and since the voters forget issues that cost them higher taxes and loss of jobs, they will vote them in as MLAs in the NS Legislature where they can do even greater damage.
The accepted Rules of Order were formulated to protect the citizens, the taxpayers-the voters, not the elected officials.
It is worth noting that Premier McNeil is burying his head in the sand about this issue; an issue which is about job-loss in a province that can ill afford the loss of any jobs. Just forget about it, it will go away.
Thanks for doing a show about this Rick. Lights need to be shone on those who would be fast and loose with the rules of democratic government in this province.

August 03, 2014 at 5:04 pm