Review could recommend lifting Nova Scotia's fracking moratorium : Wheeler
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Review could recommend lifting Nova Scotia's fracking moratorium : Wheeler

President of Cape Breton University David Wheeler

AMHERST, N.S. – The leader of an independent review of hydraulic fracturing in Nova Scotia says the provincial government should receive its report next month and it’s not likely to recommend a continuation of the province’s moratorium on the practice.

David Wheeler spoke to those gathered for a public consultation meeting at Amherst Town Hall on Tuesday.

Wheeler, the president of Cape Breton University, says continuing the moratorium will be a political decision, and the goal of the review is to help inform those decisions.

He says several recommendations will be in the report, all with the proviso that the review panel is “not saying this activity should proceed now in our province.”

If foundational research proceeds far enough, and if communities welcome the prospect of fracking, the panel will recommend seismic testing and exploration once “full, prior and informed community consent is in place.”

Not everyone in attendance at the meeting was convinced the panel would come out on the side of environmental protection, with many pleading with Wheeler to recommend continuation of the moratorium, which has been in place in Nova Scotia since 2012.

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chief wiggam

do not trust this man. he is under handed in his dealings and is trying to visit each native community to get their approval.on a not so complete “scientific study/report.”
if you are against fracking do not, i repeat DO NOT take his recommendations.
he is telling stories to and different ones at that to the native communities who must be on board in order for this go through.

July 23, 2014 at 10:27 am

A bio-gas plant would be much safer and sustainable. A process called “Anaerobic digestion” can convert cattle manure and raw sewage into bio-gas.The bio-gas can be stored and used for home heating like natural gas. The gas can also be refined to be used as fuel for public transit buses refitted for natural gas. In my opinion it would be better to do this intead of fracking to get some gas.

July 23, 2014 at 12:29 pm