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New DHX Media studio opens up in downtown Halifax

HALIFAX – For some people, a daily nine-to-five means cubicles, spreadsheets, and battles with the photo copier. For DHX Media worker, Evan Madinsky, going to work means doing animation for the TV show Inspector Gadget in a bright, big new space.

DHX Media just opened the doors to their new Halifax studio, located in Park Lane Mall on Spring Garden Rd. They had previously been working out of a space in Purdy’s Wharf.

“It’s huge, and it’s the first place that’s built for us,” he said. “So, I mean, we have our own screening room, the animators have their own section, we have a lounge, we have a brand new kitchen built just for us.”

Madinsky has been working with DHX for just over a year, and says the company has doubled, if not more, since moving into the new digs.

“We went from doing pre-school shows that were relatively unknown — I think anyway — and then we got a big Jim Henson show, and now we have three shows on the go.”

Vice president, Phillip Stamp said the growing group of animators, producers and creators at DHX is bringing in jobs to our corner of the world, whether they’re from Nova Scotia or elsewhere.

“The growth and expansion of the DHX animation studio here is really evidence of the viability and stability and vibrancy of the animation industry here in Nova Scotia, and it’s great for the other studios that are here as well,” he said.

Madisnky says with the new headquarters, they might be able to take on as many as seven new shows.

“I think it’s a pretty bright future. It’s just getting bigger and bigger and bigger.”

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