NS Highway workers calling on Liberals to continue public paving operations
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NS Highway workers calling on Liberals to continue public paving operations

The Nova Scotia Highway Workers Union is calling on the provincial government to take a sober second look at keeping the provinces paving operations.

The union held a picket Friday on the steps of the Premier’s Middleton office.

CUPE National Spokesperson Peter Baxter is calling on the Liberal Government to not sell the paving plant and to look at the positive impacts the operation has on the province.

He said private companies aren’t interested in contracts in remote pockets of the province, so a huge chunk goes without paving for years.

He said paving costs more in remote areas because companies have to bring in all the equipment.

“The provincial plant was able to fill that gap, and since it came into operation, it also significantly impacted the price of asphalt because there was a little bit of competition there,” said Baxter.

He added the ideology that the public sector shouldn’t be competing with the private sector is not a good enough reason to scrap the program.

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Are you for real??

Everything CUPE is saying makes no sense… people want to work, companies want money, so delivering service to remote areas will get done, regardless of what CUPE says or thinks… if there are no bidders with NS companies, open up the RFP to any Canadian or American companies, with the stipulation that only NS working be sued to complete the actual work. It would be interesting to see the difference in price if a company from the US or western CA were to bid on the projects – would they be cheaper and take less time?? Many would think so!

November 17, 2013 at 10:32 am