Mayor Savage proclaims today "WORKshift Day" in Halifax
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Mayor Savage proclaims today "WORKshift Day" in Halifax

Halifax is the latest city to look at changing its work culture.

Mayor Mike Savage has proclaimed Nov. 5 “WORKshift Day.”

WORKshift is a Canadian program that aims to help companies promote remote work cultures or adopting a flexible schedule.

Their website claims working at home instead of in an office reduces stress, increases productivity and of course, means there’s no commute.

Dave McCusker, Halifax Regional Municipality’s manager of strategic transportation, said when it comes to our city, we’ve reached capacity on some roadways.

“We’ve reached that point and adding additional traffic, the delays will go up quite significantly,” he said.

McCusker added some companies can benefit greatly from WORKshift, while it’s not an option for others.

“The shipyard, for example, you need the employees there to cut the pieces, and Dalhousie professors need to be there to teach the classes but other workplaces are little more flexible,” he said.

Founders of WORKshift Canada will be in town today for the official launch of WORKshift Halifax.

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It would be pretty easy for government to offer tax credits to businesses for every employee working at home instead of designing and building more facilities for traffic and parking.
As environmental concerns increase I suspect this issue will garner more attention. Can imagine why we would continue to heat empty homes all day and empty office buildings all night.

November 05, 2013 at 8:43 am