R-C car enthusiasts ask HRM to help build track
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R-C car enthusiasts ask HRM to help build track

A radio controlled car group is looking for a permanent place to race their cars, and a Halifax Regional Municipality councillor is behind the bid to build a permanent track inside the municipality.

Steve Craig told Maritime Morning he was approached by the group looking for some help from HRM to help facilitate the creation of the track somewhere in the municipality.

“I said you know what, it’s one of those things that seems simple to do, it facilitates getting folks off their couches so from a health and wellness standpoint, it gets people out doing some other activities,” he said. “If we have the land it’s low maintenance, it’s low cost and it’s something that we can have people come from all over the place to enjoy.”

The track itself would require about 150 square feet of land, and enough room to accommodate the drivers and spectators.

Craig said there are a number of areas within HRM that are not maintained as well as they should be and this would be a perfect fit.

Craig said he has approached city staff with the proposal to see if a permanent track is feasible.

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