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No bodies found in the hull of Miss Ally

WOODS HARBOUR, N.S. – There may be at least some closure for the families of five Nova Scotia fishermen lost at sea last week.

Searchers located the capsized hull of the Miss Ally yesterday but the R-C-M-P have been informed that divers from a private fishing vessel went over the wreck and found no bodies.

The H-M-C-S Glace Bay is planning to conduct an assessment with a remotely operated vehicle this morning to confirm the divers’ findings.

The father of one of the lost fishermen says word that divers found no bodies is hard to accept, yet it gives him a sense of

George Hopkins, whose 27-year-old son Joel is among the missing, says at least he knows the search is over and there’s no hope of finding anyone alive.

The vessel capsized in heavy seas last Sunday while on an extended halibut fishing trip.

After the search for survivors was called off, the families of the fishermen asked federal authorities to recover the overturned vessel to determine if there were bodies inside.

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