Dexter announces independent study of Muskrat Falls deal
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Dexter announces independent study of Muskrat Falls deal

Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter speaks to reporters after meeting with cabinet.

Premier Darrell Dexter delivered his State of the Province speech Wednesday.

During his address he announced that the NDP government will conduct an independent study of the Muskrat Falls Hydroelectric project that will compare it with other options.

Dexter says the independent report will be released before plans are submitted to the UARB.

Both opposition parties have been calling for the study to be done for a while, but PC leader Jamie Baillie says what the Premier announced is not an independent study.

“It still rules out too many viable options like more natural gas, which is cheaper and has less emissions, but is not renewable, and the Premier has ruled out non-renewable sources,” says Baillie.  

Baillie says until there is a study that looks at all of the options, he doesn’t feel confident that ratepayers’ pocketbooks are protected.

A contract of approximately $85,000 was awarded in September to ‘Power Advisory’.

The company has been chosen to look at the costs of alternatives to Muskrat Falls and is focusing on three main ones, including Lower Churchill, natural gas and wind, and importing hydroelectricity from Quebec.

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