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Trails Association opens new stretch of path in Clayton Park

The Halifax North West Trails association officially cut the ribbon on an extension of the Mainland Common Linear Trail in Clayton Park Friday.

“We’ve been able to construct 400 metres of connection, really an extension, of the Linear Trail which goes under a power line corridor from Main Avenue to Washmill Lake Drive,” explains Association Chair Bob McDonald.

The extension cost $72,000 dollars and is part of a larger project aimed at connecting trails in the region.

It’s all about HRM’s active transportation plan, and this fits right in says Trails Association member and District 12 candidate Bruce Smith.

“We have a plan to continue this trail from Washmill Lake Drive to cross the 102 and connect to the Chain of Lakes Trail eventually,” he says.

Smith says HRM is trail-friendly, but adds the municipality could do more.

“We also need to focus on wilderness walking trails that will take us into the back countries, not just for people in suburbs,” says Smith.

McDonald says a problem they continue to face is that people don’t know where the trails are.

“We’ve embarked on a signage campaign. We do have some funding for signage, so we’re going to put up trail head signs so people can see where the trails are,” explains McDonald.

The Association started that process Friday, unveiling a new sign that better details the Mainland Common.

It’s part of a plan to install more than 30 new signs around the trail system.

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