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Date: Monday Oct 22, 2012

3pm Hour

COUNCILLORS ON THE HOTSEAT: This week, rapid fire with several winners and losers from Saturday’s elections.

4pm Hour
King’s Journalism professor Stephen Kimber recaps the NS municipal elections.
Jamie Baillie is by to talk about MLA pensions. Voter turnout was 37% in Halifax, Michael McMillan joins us. Parker Donham talks about a recovery centre and the dept of Community Services.

5pm Hour          
Sportsnet’s Jeff Marek talks nhl lockout. Meteorologist Richard Zurawski looks at this week’s weather. Historian Diane Marshall speaks about her latest book. Bullying expert Bill Belsey joins us following a cross-Canada vigil for victim Amanda Todd

6pm Hour              
Author Trevor Adams joins us to talk about his new book Long Shots. Peter Twohig checks in on the weird stuff he finds in historic newspapers. Alex J Walling talks AUS football.

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fan of yours


last night, there was a gentlmen that corrected himself by saying that all but 1 state allows CCW of a handgun ( to some degree).

imo, the statement is misleading, pls go to wikipedia and you will see over a dozen states that are categorized as “not issue” with a disclaimer that only a select few exceptions are allowed.

December 19, 2012 at 5:26 pm
fan of yours


a caller today said that the .223 was a high powered deer rifle. I find this misleading because a .223 is viewed as a low powered deer rifle. most states and provinces probably have regulations that prohibit deer hunting with a smaller bore diameter

December 19, 2012 at 5:32 pm