CSIS boss needs to explain 'foreign influence' allegations: Dexter
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CSIS boss needs to explain 'foreign influence' allegations: Dexter

Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter says the director of Canada’s spy agency should explain his remarks about the influence of foreign governments,

The call comes despite the fact that CSIS director Dick Fadden has backed away from his original comments.

Fadden made the stunning allegations in an interview with the CBC earlier this week. He said he was in the process of warning at least two provinces, through the privy council office, that members of their cabinets are under the influence of foreign governments.

Premier Dexter says the comments were surprising and extraordinary coming from someone in Fadden’s position.

“I have to say I found the comments very¬† deeply troubling,” he said. “It had a kind of xenophobic feel to it which harkens back to the McCarthy era.”

Fadden has since backed away from his comments but Dexter says it still needs explanation.

“I think they were extraordinarily regrettable,” he said “There needs to be a full explanation as to why they were made in the first place.”

Dexter says the fact CSIS doesn’t appear to have acted on the suspicions speaks to the “lack of veracity” of Fadden’s remarks.

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