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Baillie introduces psychologists' tax credit

PC leader Jamie Baillie and Victor Day, former president of Nova Scotia's Association of Psychologists, announce plans to introduce Psychology Services Tax Credit Act on Monday. (NEWS 95.7)

HALIFAX – Progressive Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie announced plans Monday to introduce the Psychology Services Tax Credit act, which he says will provide a tax credit to private psychologists who perform pro bono work.

Baillie says he believes it will encourage the province’s psychologists to take on more pro bono cases, adding it will increase access for those who need treatment.

“We are in favour of tearing down that barrier to access to early counselling and early help for Nova Scotians who are mentally ill and would benefit from counselling services before they reach a crisis,” said Baillie.

Baillie says he believes an increase in pro bono work will not affect work private psychologists are already paid to do.

“We full expect that psychologists are going to continue to do what they’re paid to do for the number of hours they’re already working and we’re going to work with the psychology association on how best to implement the tax credit. But for the time that they have for pro bono work, we want to encourage that and that’s what the bill does,” he said.

Victor Day, the former president of the Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia, adds the tax credit will allow psychologists to claim up to 100 hours of pro bono work.

Baillie says if enacted, the tax credit would cost the province approximately $500,000 annually.

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