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Cornwallis statue vandalized following weekend protest

Last Updated Jul 17, 2017 at 6:44 am ADT

Municipal crews cover a statue of Halifax's founder Edward Cornwallis with a tarp during a protest on Saturday July 15th, 2017. (Meghan Groff/NEWS 95.7)

After what was mostly a peaceful protest on Saturday, the statue of Halifax’s controversial founder Edward Cornwallis was defaced by graffiti early Sunday morning.

The graffiti denounced celebrations of Canada’s 150th birthday, and was quickly covered up by maps of Halifax until crews arrived to remove the message.

This comes after the municipality and Mi’kmaq community had come to the agreement they would cover the statue of our city’s controversial founder for the length of the ceremony.

After the ceremony ended, crews removed the black tarp.

The group of  protesters issued a “Call to Action” with three demands to the city:

-The immediate removal of the Edward Cornwallis statue as it represents a symbol of genocide and continues to prevent reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.

-Host a Peace Assembly to facilitate reconciliation.

-Create a Indigenous-Halifax Expert Panel made up of city officials and Indigenous Peoples to examine the naming of public parks, ensure history and treaties are reflected in public spaces and to work together on reconciliation.

Halifax Mayor Mike Savage spoke at the ceremony, and said he’ll present the list of protesters’ concerns at city hall later this week.

The protesters have given the deadline of October 1 to take action, or else they said they will continue their efforts.

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